Thursday, July 23, 2015

Why Virtual Private Catalog?

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Article: Why Virtual Private Catalog?

This article will help you to understand

  • What is Virtual Private Catalog
  • How to secure the boundaries between DBA's
  • How to segregate the duties in an Enterprise Environment.

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Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE

ORA-01163: SIZE clause indicates (blocks), but should match header

I have generated a control file using “backup control file to trace” but while recreating I have encountered below error

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-01163: SIZE clause indicates 32768 (blocks), but should match header 262144
ORA-01517: log member: '/oracle/TEST/redo1/TEST_redo1.rdo'

I see that the failure is due to log member size. But the current redo log file size on the disk and in the script is correct. I ran below query to find the redo log BLOCKSIZE and found that the size is 4096.

select * from v$log;

I tried couple of options to recreate the control file by changing the redo log size in KB/MB/Bytes..etc but nothing worked. After investigation I found that drop and recreating the redo log is only the option.

Other possible scenarios/errors
1. If you receive the same ORA-01163 error for DATA FILE then your size calculation might be incorrect.

    Use below formula to get the size.
    Expected size = Expected no of blocks * db_block_size / 1024

2. ORA-01378: The logical block size (4096) of file /oracle/TEST/redo1/TEST_redo1.rdo'is not
    compatible with the disk sector size (media sector size is 512 and host sector size is 512)

If you receive above error you ned to set below parameter
SQL> alter system set "_disk_sector_size_override"=TRUE scope=both;

Reference for more info.
ORA-00344: WHEN RESIZING YOUR REDO LOGS (Doc ID 1018307.102)

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are you attending Oracle OpenWorld?

Oracle OpenWorld presents the world's largest, most in-depth selection of sessions by Oracle experts, customers, and partners over a course of five days.

Oracle OpenWorld 2015- October 25- 29, 2015

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Oracle OpenWorld offers thousands of sessions geared toward helping Oracle users get the most out of their IT infrastructure and investments—and helping them make the most cost-effective and strategic IT decisions for the future.

Oracle OpenWorld is also a great showcase for the latest developments in cloud, big data, security, governance, data center optimization, and other issues that we’re dealing with. Through presentations and hands-on sessions the conference offers hundreds of opportunities to learn money- and time-saving techniques.

Nowhere else you could get the detailed best practices learned by other companies facing challenges similar to yours. You can get advice directly from the people who know the technology best, and can participate in question-and-answer sessions and other roundtable meetings—getting access to high-value information from experts, peers, partners, and industry leaders.

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Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

ORA-01102 cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode

Users might receive error “ORA-01102” when trying to startup

01102, 00000, "cannot mount database in EXCLUSIVE mode"
// *Cause: Some other instance has the database mounted exclusive or shared.
// *Action: Shutdown other instance or mount in a compatible mode.

You will receive this error when instance is already opening in parallel. You can resolve this issue by shutting down all the instances before mounting the database.

Verify that no background processes running owner as oracle
Ps –ef |grep <$ORACLE_SID>

If you found any processes then shutdown the instance, if you are not able to shutdown then you can kill by using “kill -9 <processed>.

Now you should be able to startup without any issues.

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE

Monday, May 18, 2015

Oracle Optimized Data Center Reference Architecture

IT departments are under constant pressure to increase their ability to respond rapidly to rapidly changing business requirements and select best technology while reducing cost and risk

This results in complexity and integration challenges.These effects add up to drive agility, cost, and risk in the wrong directions. While it is clear that cloud computing offers many potential benefits

Oracle’s optimized data center is a pragmatic solution to these problems. By providing a fully integrated stack, “from Applications to Disk”, the data center is greatly simplified while integration is already built- in. This paves the way for reduced cost and risk.

The key drivers for the optimized data center can be summarized as follows
  • Cost management: Virtualization/consolidation, simplification
  • Business gro wth: Removing barriers to infrastructure performance and flexibility
  • Service continuity: Maximum availability architecture, disaster recovery planning
  • Security and conformity: Comprehensive, end-to-end security and compliance approach
This paper published by Oracle Corporation and it will show in architectural terms how reduced risk reduced cost , and increased agility can be achieved through consistent integration and reduced complexity.

You can download the White paper "Oracle Optimized Data Center Reference Architecture"

Satishbabu Gunukula