Friday, August 7, 2015

[SAP][ODBC Driver]Non-space text found after ending quote

I have encountered below error during data import into HANA Dynamic Tiering

* 403: internal error: [SAP][ODBC Driver]Non-space text found after ending quote
-- (dblib/db_RecScanner.cxx 2657) SQLSTATE: HY000

I found that data has quotes (“) which is causing the issue. But didn’t find any forum/link related to this error in HANA DT or solution.

At this situation SLT can help, I have used SLT to load the data and was able to load successfully.

During research I found that few users encountered same issue during the data import into SYBASE
They propose below recommendations

- Remove quotes from all values in data file
- TURN OFF the QUOTES as QUOTES ON is default.

Refer below link for more info for SYBASE error

Other possible errors you may encounter:

* 403: internal error: [SAP][ODBC Driver]Cannot convert PatKey to a integer(10) (column EMPLOYEE_ID) SQLSTATE: HY00

Possible solution: Please choose appropriate data type.

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE 


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