Monday, March 21, 2016

Oracle In-Memory vs SAP HANA, What is your choice?

This is one of the very important discussions between DBA’s and BASIS Admins. Let’s see what benchmark results say….!
  • Oracle Database In-Memory brings breakthrough analytical performance to enable businesses to make real-time decisions rapidly and easily. It is compatible with all existing applications and there is no need to rewrite your application to take advantage of it. In contrast, with SAP HANA the application need to be rewritten
  • Oracle Database In-Memory implements state-of-the-art technology to accelerate analytics by orders of magnitude to allow users to get immediate answers to business questions that previously took hours. This same Oracle in-memory technology is proven to speed up SAP applications 2x faster than SAP HANA on SAP's own benchmarks. Read the Benchmark white paper*
  • Oracle Database In-Memory does not mandate that all data fit in memory. Frequently accessed data can be kept In-Memory while less active data is kept on much lower-cost flash and disk, providing even more cost savings. In contrast, SAP HANA can only handle database sizes that fit in memory
  • Building on decades of innovation, Oracle Database offers a proven platform with integrated high availability and data protection to deliver a reliable, secure, "always-on" business operation you can count on. Does SAP HANA offer the same high availability capabilities? Read more.
  • Oracle has been an active leader in publishing benchmarks on transaction processing performance as measured by SAP's own standard application benchmarks (SAP Standard Application Benchmarks). Oracle Database In-Memory now enables real-time analytics on live transactional data. With Oracle, performance optimizations are built in for both transactions and analytics, unlike HANA, which optimizes your database for analytics at the cost of slowing down transactions. Where is the benchmark demonstrating HANA transaction processing performance running the SAP standard application benchmarks on HANA?
  • Oracle is compatible with Compatible with cloud computing, big data and data warehousing. SAP HANA Database cloud consolidation is also not feasible 
  • No new APIs and minimal new DBA commands are required, making Oracle Database In-Memory trivial to implement and maintain. Because HANA is a new “platform” with unique operational procedures and programming practices, a new team or retraining is required.
  • Oracle Database In-Memory’s unique dual format enables transparent scale-up and scale-out for analytics and OLTP workloads running together. HANA uses a column format for high-performance analytics, which has severe architectural limitations for OLTP performance and scalability. Scaleup and scale-out are very immature

Now it’s your time to read the benchmarks white paper and understands the facts and take the decision.

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE


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