Thursday, March 10, 2016

Failed to get connections for connection [http://hostname:8000] using session locale [English]

Failed to get connections for connection [http://hostname:8000] using session locale [English].

I was trying to create a OLAP connection from CMC to HANA in BOXI4.1 SP6 for Analysis Office 2.x SSO setup and receive below error. All the server details verified and everything seems to be correct.

After doing some investigation I found that the issue is due to limitation in BI platform4.1 sp06 or lower.

It cannot able to connect to HANA in CMC because there is no data provider available.

Errors in MDAS log file
Creating a BICS application with alias [session-2:http://hostname:8000:dev:en_US:HTTP:CREDENTIALS:null]
JCoDestinationDataProvider adding destination session-2:http://hostname:8000:dev:en_US:HTTP:CREDENTIALS:null.
JCoDestinationDataProvider setting jco.destination.pool_capacity property to 0 because it was not specified. <exception> No connection factory found for type session-2:http://hostname:8000:dev:en_US:HTTP:CREDENTIALS:null/HTTP.

Possible Solution: Upgrade to BI 4.1 SP07 or higher then you should be able to connect using HTTP provider.

Refer below SAP Note for more info
2182585 - Cannot connect to the Hana via SAP Hana Http OLAP connection in CMC

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE