Thursday, April 15, 2010

In function `lcdprm':: warning: the `gets' function is dangerous and should not be used. :failed

Many users experienced Patch failure on Node2 or Remote node in RAC environment and in some cases not able to start the RAC database instances on NODE2 or remote NODE’S (if more than 2 nodes).

You may receive below errors/warning why you apply a patch

$ opatch apply
. . . . . . .
The following warnings you may see during “OPatch” execution :
WARNING for re-link on remote node 'testrac02':
/oracle/v10202/bin/oracle/oracle/v10202/lib//libcore10.a(lcd.o)(.text+0xb71): In function `lcdprm':: warning: the `gets' function is dangerous and should not be used. :failed
OPatch Session completed with warnings.
OPatch completed with warnings.

If you are able to startup the database then No action is required, please ignore the message. It is a internal code bug message reference for developer to fix the code in future versions. This issue is fixed in 11g.

If you are not able to startup the database, here are two common reasons

1.Bug 5128575 - RAC install of does not update libknlopt.a on all nodes
Check “Unable to start RAC instance after applying patch” link to fix “Bug 5128575”
2.Re-link failed on remote nodes.
Once again Re-link the Oracle libraries on node2 or remote node.

Satishbabu Gunukula


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