Thursday, February 16, 2012

How to Deploy and Un-deploy Oracle Agile Application

Whenever you are applying the patches to Oracle Agile environment, you need to Un-deploy and deploy the application.

Before you apply the patch you must Un-deploy the Agile application. After successful installation of the patch you must deploy the agile application in order to take effect of the applied patch.

Un-Deploy Agile application:-Go to Agile home directory and run below command
$ cd $/agileDomain/bin

Where password is the oc4jadmin user password

12/02/09 14:04:10 Notification ==>Application UnDeployer for Agile STARTS.
12/02/09 14:04:11 Notification ==>Removing all web binding(s) for application Agile from all web site(s)
12/02/09 14:04:19 Notification ==>Application UnDeployer for Agile COMPLETES.

Follow the steps to apply a Patch in Oracle Agile environment
1. Check PMN processes are running on the Agile Server.

2. Stop the OPMN processes
$ opmnctl stopall

3. Unzip the patch to a temporary directory
For Unix
For Windows

You will get a message “Is the Agile Application already undeployed? (y/n) “. You must enter Y inorder to proceed further.

Ignore the message "Enter Passphrase for keystore:" and let the installation continue

When the installation is completed, the “INSTALLATION SUCCESSFUL” message will appear and press the return key to complete the installation.

4. Start OPMN processes
$ opmnctl startall

Deploy Agile application:-After successful installation of the patch deploy the Agile application

$ cd $/agileDomain/bin

Where password is the oc4jadmin user password
12/02/09 14:06:50 Notification ==>Application Deployer for Agile STARTS.
12/02/09 14:07:35 Notification ==>Binding web application(s) to site default-web-site ends...

12/02/09 14:07:35 Notification ==>Application Deployer for Agile COMPLETES. Operation time: 45434 msecs

Check the status of the agile application
$ opmnctl status

Make sure to check applied patch from application. If Deploy and Un-deploys fails with some reason then you will not see the applied patch in Application.

. Launch the application and login
. Click on help --> About Agile
. You should see the patch number under “updated versions”

Satishbabu Gunukula


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