Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Patching Oracle Database Platform using Opatch or MOPatch

When applying the Oracle patches, make sure you follow the processes pre-checks, patch execution and post checks.

In SAP environment, MOPatch is very helpful and it has bundle patchs (SBP). Using this tool we can install multiple patches at single run, it will automate the oracle patching processes. However, note that MOPatch internally calls OPatch to install patches.

  • Make sure you have enough space in $ORACLE_HOME file system
  • Take a Tar or backup of $ORACLE_HOME
tar cvf - $ORACLE_HOME/12201 | gzip > 12201.101020.tar.gz
  • Install latest Opatch and MOpatch (in case of SAP)
$ mv $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch-pre-SBP_12201201020_101020
$ unzip -qd $ORACLE_HOME OPATCH12201P_2008-70001555.ZIP -x SIGNATURE.SMF
$ unzip -qd $ORACLE_HOME/sapbundle SAP12201P_2011-70001555.ZIP 'SBP_12201201020_101020/MOPatch/*'
$ test -d $ORACLE_HOME/MOPatch && mv $ORACLE_HOME/MOPatch $ORACLE_HOME/MOPatch-pre-SBP_12201201020_101020
$ mv $ORACLE_HOME/sapbundle/SBP_12201201020_101020/MOPatch $ORACLE_HOME/MOPatch
  • check the version of MOPatch & Opatch version
$ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/opatch version

  • Stop all database applications
  • Backup the database and related files
  • Shut down the databases, listeners, and other processes running from the Oracle Home, use the fuser OS command to check for stale SQL*Plus sessions: $SBPFUSER $ORACLE_HOME/bin/oracle
  • Install the patch –
For SAP systems using MOPatch
env ORACLE_HOME=$ORACLE_HOME $ORACLE_HOME/MOPatch/ -v -s SAP12201P_2011-70001555.ZIP

You should see a message
MOPatch completed successfully
Overall Status : COMPLETE

For Other Oracle Systems using Opatch
$ cd /opt/patches/<patch number>
$ opatch apply

You should see a message
Opatch completed successfully
Overall Status : COMPLETE

  • Start the database and verify the database processes and logs. The logs should not have any error messages
  • Run the post patch update steps for SAP system 
  • Apply _FIX_CONTROL, EVENT parameters if required.
Where _FIX_CONTROL, initialization parameter will give control over specific features and bug fixes. However, it should be set under the direction of Oracle Corporation

Ex:- ALTER SYSTEM SET "_FIX_CONTROL"='4545454:ON','4547778:OFF',……. COMMENT='SAP_12201201020_101020' SCOPE=SPFILE;

Where EVENT, initialization parameter will be used to generate information in form of a trace file in the context of the event. The trace file is located in a directory specified by the parameter USER_DUMP_DEST

ALTER SYSTEM SET EVENT= '10027','10028', '10142' COMMENT='SAP_12201171017_101020' SCOPE=SPFILE;
  • Restart the database and Take a backup
  • Start the application and check the application
SAP Oracle Patches Reference
  • Known issues related to the installation of Database Release Update and the other patches contained in this SBP are described in SAP Note 2507228 Database: Patches for
  • Known issues related to the Oracle installation utilities, including MOPatch, OPatch, and the Oracle Universal Installer, are described in SAP Note 1915299 Troubleshooting Software Installation (12.1/12.2).
Oracle Patches reference

Please refer Oracle documentation
Oracle Help Center


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