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Automatic Indexing in Oracle 19c using DBMS_AUTO_INDEX

Oracle 19c introduced new features automatic indexing, this feature creates and drops without dba intervention and takes care of index management

The DBMS_AUTO_INDEX package used to manage the automatic indexing feature. This feature evaluates the need for new indexes, creates when needed and drops then when they are no longer needed. It supports both single and multi-column index

Enable/Disable AUTO Index
To enable automatic indexing run below command
SQL> dbms_auto_index.configure ('AUTO_INDEX_MODE', 'IMPLEMENT');

To turn off or disable automatic indexing run below command
SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_MODE','OFF');

To turn on automatic indexing, but new indexes remain invisible run below command
SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_MODE','REPORT ONLY');

Note: The invisible Index feature introduced in Oracle 11g, these indexes are maintained like other indexes but ignored by the optimizer unless the he OPTIMIZER_USE_INVISIBLE_INDEXES parameter is set to TRUE

For ex:- SQL> create index INDX_01 on EMP (emp_name) invisible;

Auto Index Tablespace Management

The automatic indexes by default created in the default permanent tablespace, but you can you can specify a tablespace using the AUTO_INDEX_DEFAULT_TABLESPACE property

SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_DEFAULT_TABLESPACE','TBS_AUTO_INDX');

Run below command with NULL to return using the default permanent tablespace.
SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_DEFAULT_TABLESPACE',NULL);

User can specify threshold in percentage using below command. In this case only 60% of the tablespace is used for Auto Index
SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure ('AUTO_INDEX_SPACE_BUDGET', '60');

The autocreated indexes will be named with prefix SYS_AI. To find out these indexes there is a called “AUTO” added in DBA_INDEXES where you will see the value as “YES”

Automatic Index Management at Schema Level

You can control the SCHEMAS that’s should participate in Automatic Indexing feature by using the AUTO_INDEX_SCHEMA property.

SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_SCHEMA', ‘EMP’, allow => TRUE);

If ALLOW parameter is set to TRUE, then specified schema will be added to inclusion list and you can clear the inclusion list using below command. 

SQL>  exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_SCHEMA', NULL, allow => TRUE);

User can manually add the SCHEMAS to the exclusion list by setting ALLOW parameter to FALSE. SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_SCHEMA', 'TEST', allow => FALSE);

User can clear the exclusion list by running below command 
SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure('AUTO_INDEX_SCHEMA', NULL, allow => FALSE);

Users can also use AUTO_INDEX_EXCLUDE_SCHEMA property to exclude specific schema.
SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure ('AUTO_INDEX_EXCLUDE_SCHEMA', ‘EMP’);

The manually created unused indexes never deleted by the automatic indexing process and they can be deleted using AUTO_INDEX_RETENTION_FOR_MANUAL. But user needs to mention after how many days the unused manual indexes can be dropped.

SQL> exec dbms_auto_index.configure ('AUTO_INDEX_RETENTION_FOR_AUTO', '50')

Views: Oracle offers several Views associated with automatic Indexing features
DBA_AUTO_INDEX_CONFIG - configuration settings related to automatic indexes
DBA_AUTO_INDEX_EXECUTIONS - The history of Automatic Indexing task executions
DBA_AUTO_INDEX_STATISTICS - Statistics related to automatic indexes
DBA_AUTO_INDEX_IND_ACTIONS - Actions performed on automatic indexes
DBA_AUTO_INDEX_SQL_ACTIONS - Actions performed on SQL statements to verify automatic indexes

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