Thursday, February 28, 2013

Oracle Database Source Control made easy using Red-Gate new tool

The Red Gate launching new tool “Source Control for Oracle tool” on March 12, 2013.

How this tool can help you…
  • Manual processes to script out database objects and check in them into SVN or TFS, can be time consuming and error prone. Source Control for Oracle automates scripting of objects and check-in to SVN or TFS.
  •  Developers and DBAs can see a history of objects that have been checked in to source control, when and by who. They’ll be able to see the check-in message and a side-by-side diff view of the creation script before and after check in, object by object.
  • Pending check-ins are indicated on the taskbar icon and within the tool to prompt developers to keep source control up-to-date.
  • If developers are working on private schemas or a dedicated instance they can see other team members’ changes to objects and apply these from source control to their schemas before working on them.
  • If developers are working on a shared database they can see all the objects that haven’t yet been checked in to source control. And a history of the objects that already have been, when, and buy who.
  • The side-by-side diff view (before checking in changes, updated a local instance, or when looking at the audit trail under History) means errors are easy to spot.
You can DOWNLOAD the Beta version from below link

Win a FREE 5 user license of Source Control for Oracle 

I’m giving away one five-user license of Source Control for Oracle by Red Gate Software. To enter the draw you need to do two things:

1. Like the page oracleRACexpert.comin Facebook before April 1st 2013

2. Using the comments section below, tell me your most painful experience which could have been easily avoided by using source control.

It doesn’t have to be a lack of database source control, it just has to be a story where, things could’ve been easier if you had the right source control tools.

On April 1st 2013 I’ll choose the best story and author will get a 5 user license of Source Control for Oracle.

Please make sure you comment under an account which I can use to get in touch with you if you make the top story. Particularly painful stories will earn extra points as will stories where the pain was generously shared with a larger team!

For Prize draw Terms and Conditions please visit below link


  1. In my company's normal modify the PL / SQL directly in production. And that is not right.

    1. Like the page “” in Facebook to enter into the draw, if interested.

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  2. Kumar is the winner for FREE Five User license of Red Gate New tool “Source Control for Oracle”. Please contact me at to collect the license.

    The user didn’t leave any contact info and sent a message in the facebook. I will wait one more month and If the user doesn’t respond, then I reserve the right to cancel the draw.

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