Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Oracle GoldenGate: A Real-time Data integration & Heterogeneous replication tool

Now a day, the majority of businesses are facing below challenges

Availability - Data must be accessible at or near 24/7/365 without performance degradation or interruption
Rduced latency -  Data must remain up-to-date without latency. 
Heterogeneity and IT flexibility - Integration and replication across different IT systems.
Transaction integrity - Data completeness
Oracle GoldenGate provides the solution for all these challenges. It is a high performance software application for real-time transactional change data capture, distribution, transformation and delivery across heterogeneous.

Oracle GoldenGate 11g Release 2 offers below new features
  • Intelligent Conflict Detection and Resolution for Active-Active and Multi-Master implementations 
  • Integrated Capture to support all Oracle Database and Exadata compression types, as well as XML Object  Relational, XML Binary data types 
  • Expanded support for global deployments, including support for multi-byte and character set conversions 
  • Improved security with added support for Federal Information Protection Standard (FIPS) 
  • Enhanced manageability and monitoring utilizing Oracle Enterprise Manager 
  • Increased extensibility by taking defined actions based on an event record in the transaction log or in the Trail file. 
  • Expanded heterogeneity via: 
    • Log-based capture from IBM DB2 on i-Series (AS/400) 
    • Delivery to Postgres 
    • New data types supported for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase, and MySQL 
    • Teradata multi-byte DDL support 
    • IBM z/OS improved initial load performance
  •  Certification for near zero downtime upgrade for Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management applications 
Oracle GoldenGate 11gR2 supports following scenarios
1. Zero-Downtime
2. Data Distribution
3. Disaster recovery and data protection
4. Query offloading.

Oracle GoldenGate also provides graphical monitoring tool for GoldenGate deployments and it consists of the following components:
Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent -  An Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Agent is installed on Oracle GoldenGate instance. It collects information of the instance and sends it to the Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server.
Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server - The Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server coordinates the monitoring of multiple Oracle GoldenGate instances..
Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Repository - The Oracle GoldenGate Monitor Server uses a database as a central repository to store information about users and groups, process status, monitoring points, events, and other information.

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Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE

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