Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Error (1023040): msg from remote site and (1051293) Login fails due to invalid login credentials

Users may receive below error while running Hyperion Financial Reports and also may see similar error message in Smart-view

Error Execuring query: Error: Internal Essbase JAPI error: [Cannot perform cube view operation. Essabase Error (1023040): msg from remote site [[Thu jul 25 10:11:13 2013]Local////Error(1051293) Login fails due to invalid login credentials]]

For troubleshooting check the logs under diagnostics ($APPLICATION_CONFIG_HOME/ Middleware/user_projects/epmsystem_linux/diagnostics/logs).

When looking into the Essbase Application log found below error message…

Error executing formula for [529100_OVH]: status code [1051293] in function [@_XREF]
An error [1051293] occurred in Spreadsheet Extractor.
Transaction [ 0x89002e( 0x51ef11b9.0x3e7a ) ] aborted due to status [1051293].

By looking all the error messages, it looks like some issues with the user credentials trying to read essbase cube. When we look into the cube location alias found out the actual issue.

The user account that is using under “Location Alias” is a Microsoft Active Directory Account which is expired. Updated the “Location Alias” with Admin credentials and RESOLVED the issue.

It is always advisable to use admin credentials instead of individual users to avoid these MSAD issues in future.

To update Location Alias follow the steps.

1. Login into Essbase Admin Services console
2. Select the Reveneu/Expense cube à Edit ‘ Location Alias’
3. Enter the corrent credetials or Admin credentials.

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE


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