Tuesday, November 26, 2013

SAP Transaction Codes (T-CODE) for Basis Admins

If you are a Basis Admin/ABAP developer you must have some knowledge of SAP Transaction codes(T-CODE).

Each function in SAP has a Transaction code (or t-code) and it consists of letters, numbers or both. By suing the Transaction code you can go to task and start the faction in a single step.

Before you learn about SAP Transaction codes, you need to understand transaction Control in SAP.

Transaction Control in SAP - Below commands are commonly used

n + Transaction code – To end current system task and go to new task
/o + Transaction – To create new session and go to new task without closing prior session
/o  – To list all existing or open sessions
/n  To terminate the transaction ( F 15 or Shift +F3 )
/i  To terminate the current session
/nend  – To terminate all separate sessions and log off.
/h To turn on Debugging mode

Below are the few transaction codes I have used and come across during the Basis Administration.

SAP User/Group/Role/Profile Administration SM01 – Lock Transactions
SM04 – Overview of Users
SU1 – Maintain Own user Addresses
SU3 – Maintain users Own Data
SU01 – User Maintenance
SU02 – Maintain Authorization Profiles
SU03 Maintain Authorizations
SU05- Maintain Internet Users
SU10 – User Mass Maintenance
SU12 – Mass Changes to user Master Records
SU20 – Maintain Authorization Fields
SU21 – Maintain Authorization Objects
SU22 – Authorization object usage in Transaction
SU24 – Authorization object check under Transactions
SU25/SU26 – Upgrade tool for profile generator
SU53 – Evaluate user Authorization check
SUIM – User information System
SUGR – Maintain user Groups
SUMM– Global User Manager
SUPC – Role Profiles
PFCG – Role Maintenance

SAP Jobs, Events and Batches
SM36 – To Define Background job
SM37 – To view Background job Overview
SM50 – Work Process Overview (Alternatively you can use SM66)
SM66 –System Wide work process over view
SM51 – To Display list of SAP Systems/Active application servers
SM34 – View cluster maintenance
SM49 – Execute External Operating system Commands
SM69 – Maintain external Operating system commands
SM62 – Define and Display Events
SM64 – Release of an event or administration of events

SAP System/Client Administration, Analysis , Run Time, Logs
SCC4 – Client Administration
SCC5 – Delete Client
SCC8 – Client Export
SCCL – Local Client copy
SCC9 – Remote Client Copy
ST01 – System Level trace
ST06 – Operating System Monitor
ST22 – ABAP dump analysis
SM21 – Online System Log Analysis
AM13 – Administrative Update requests
SE30 – Runtime analysis

SAP Database Administration, Backup/Recovery, Performance, Logs
DB02 – Tables and Indexes Monitor
DB13 - DBA Planning Calendar (Schedule Backups, Maintenance jobs)
DB12 – Overview of Database Backup Logs and Status
DB14 – Display DBA Operation Logs
DB15 – Data archiving from Database tables.
DB16/DB17 – Database system Check
DB24 – Administration/Monitoring of Database Operations
DB 26 –Display and history of Database parameters
DBCO – Maintain Database connection information
DBACOCKPIT - Start DBA Cockpit
SM12 – Display and delete locks
ST04 – Database performance Monitor
ST06 – Database Tune Summary
ST06 – Monitor Memory Resources
ST05 – Performance Trace

SAP Object Level, Paths, Connections
SUC3 – SAP table History/change log
SCMP – Table comparison.
SM58 – Transactional RFC
SM59 – RFC Destinations/Connections
AL11 – SAP file Directories
AL22 – Dependent objects display
FILE – Cross-Client File Names/Paths
SCU0/OY19 – Customizing Cross-System Viewer
SM56 – Number range buffers
SNRO – Number range Objects

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE


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