Monday, May 18, 2015

Oracle Optimized Data Center Reference Architecture

IT departments are under constant pressure to increase their ability to respond rapidly to rapidly changing business requirements and select best technology while reducing cost and risk

This results in complexity and integration challenges.These effects add up to drive agility, cost, and risk in the wrong directions. While it is clear that cloud computing offers many potential benefits

Oracle’s optimized data center is a pragmatic solution to these problems. By providing a fully integrated stack, “from Applications to Disk”, the data center is greatly simplified while integration is already built- in. This paves the way for reduced cost and risk.

The key drivers for the optimized data center can be summarized as follows
  • Cost management: Virtualization/consolidation, simplification
  • Business gro wth: Removing barriers to infrastructure performance and flexibility
  • Service continuity: Maximum availability architecture, disaster recovery planning
  • Security and conformity: Comprehensive, end-to-end security and compliance approach
This paper published by Oracle Corporation and it will show in architectural terms how reduced risk reduced cost , and increased agility can be achieved through consistent integration and reduced complexity.

You can download the White paper "Oracle Optimized Data Center Reference Architecture"

Satishbabu Gunukula


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