Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Are you attending Oracle OpenWorld?

Oracle OpenWorld presents the world's largest, most in-depth selection of sessions by Oracle experts, customers, and partners over a course of five days.

Oracle OpenWorld 2015- October 25- 29, 2015

In Oracle Open World, you are sure to discover new ways to optimize your systems, new solutions that will help you take your business to the next level and new practices that will make you more successful in your job and in your industry.

At Oracle Open World you are going to get -
• 2500+ Technology sessions
• Labs & demos
• Exhibitors and partners
• Opportunities to meet with industry experts
• Fun at the Welcome Reception and Appreciation event at the end.

And lot more…!

Click here for Oracle Open World Agenda

Exhibit, Sell, Win – At Oracle Open World. This is the great opportunity to launch and demo your new products and solutions, meet people face to face with prospects. Follow the Three easy steps to Exhibit.

Click here to lean “How to Exhibit: Three Easy Steps

Learn at Oracle OpenWorld
Oracle Open World provides more educational and networking opportunities than any other Oracle conference. Last year Oracle OpenWorld attracted 60,000+ visitors and this year you can expect more.

Whether you are an experienced developer or DBA, a novice technologist, or business manager or executive, you'll find how-tos, overviews, best-practice sessions, and customer panels targeted to your job role and level of expertise at Oracle OpenWorld.

Oracle Open World Streams and Tracks
Engineered Systems
Enterprise Manager
Operating Systems
Servers and Storage
Support and Services

Let Your Manager Know Why You Should Attend
Oracle OpenWorld offers thousands of sessions geared toward helping Oracle users get the most out of their IT infrastructure and investments—and helping them make the most cost-effective and strategic IT decisions for the future.

Oracle OpenWorld is also a great showcase for the latest developments in cloud, big data, security, governance, data center optimization, and other issues that we’re dealing with. Through presentations and hands-on sessions the conference offers hundreds of opportunities to learn money- and time-saving techniques.

Nowhere else you could get the detailed best practices learned by other companies facing challenges similar to yours. You can get advice directly from the people who know the technology best, and can participate in question-and-answer sessions and other roundtable meetings—getting access to high-value information from experts, peers, partners, and industry leaders.

If you still need some help convincing your manager to let you attend Oracle OpenWorld, Download a Customizable Justification Letter.

There are many packages in Oracle OpenWorld 2015 and see which one best suite your needs. Note that Early Bird and Group Registrations receive discounts.

Here is the available packages info.

Please see below link to compare benefits

Some of the sessions will be covering in Oracle Open world are:
• Technology- Oracle’s complete technology portfolio
• Applications - Enablement offerings, initiatives and service development options
• Engineered Systems - Ways to transform IT into more cost effective operation
• Industry - Discover ways to successfully position and deliver solutions to clients
• Cloud - Learn how to go to market and implement innovative cloud solutions

Click here to View all the sessions.

Become Part of the Experience, Meet up with your peers, find out when and where our leaders and most exciting events will occur, and participate in the discussion.

Click here to Register for Oracle OpenWorld 2015

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE


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