Friday, October 7, 2016 line 5682: dc: command not found

While applying SBP patch on ORACLE_HOME come across an issue an error and mopatch failed.

I see below error in log file.

executing: "/oracle/ORAX/product/11204/bin/unzip" -qq -d "./mopatch-wmOvOg" "SAP11204P_1411-20010781.ZIP" "SBP_112044_201411/19493764/*"
/oracle/ORAX/product/11204/MOPatch/ line 5682: dc: command not found
Processing patch "SAP11204P_1411-20010781.ZIP!19493764!19493764"...failed.
Reason: Cannot calculate "" as (447392 > 7914856) ? 1 : 0.
Processing patch "SAP11204P_1411-20010781.ZIP!19493764!17478514"...(1 of 7)
Processing patch "SAP11204P_1411-20010781.ZIP!19493764!17478514"...failed.
Reason: Cannot calculate "" as (447392 > 7914508) ? 1 : 0.

I did some research on error “Reason: Cannot calculate” but didn’t find much in google or oracle support site. When I look into the error closely I see that “dc” command not found.

After investigation on "dc: command" I found that user will get this error if RPM missing at OS level. After installing “ bc-1.06.95-1.el6.x86_64” rpm the SBP patch went fine without any issue.

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE


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