Friday, December 14, 2018

ORA-16664 with ORA-01031 password file issue

Data Guard Broker switchover fails with an ORA-16664 error

DGMGRL> show configuration;
Configuration – ORCL_DG
Protection Mode: MaxPerformance
orcl - Primary database
orcl_stdby - Physical standby database
Error: ORA-16664: unable to receive the result from a database

Fast-Start Failover: DISABLED
Configuration Status:

Errors from Primary DRC log 2012-01-02 13:46:23.675 NSV2: database actually reached ORCL_STDBY
2012-01-02 13:46:23.677 NSV2: Failed to send message to site ORCL_STDBY. Error code is ORA-16642.
2012-01-02 13:46:23.678 03000000 973032160 DMON: Database ORCL_STDBYreturned ORA-16642

Errors from Standby DRC log 2012-01-03 13:51:24.902 Connection to database ORCL returns ORA-01031.
2012-01-03 13:51:24.903 Please check database ORCL is using a remote password file,
2012-01-03 13:51:24.904 its remote_login_passwordfile is set to SHARED or EXCLUSIVE,
2012-01-03 13:51:24.905 and the SYS password is the same as this database.
2012-01-03 13:51:24.905 NSV0: Failed to connect to remote database ORCL. Error is ORA-01031
2012-01-03 13:51:24.906 NSV0: Failed to send message to site ORCL. Error code is ORA-01031.

Solution : The password file mismatch at primary and standby cuased the issue. Make sure the same password file copied to all nodes

Also verify the connect identifier for for standby database is correct and you are able to tnsping and connect using sqlplus as sysdba.

Refer : Troubleshooting ORA-16191 and ORA-1017/ORA-1031 in Data Guard Log Transport Services or Data Guard Broker (Doc ID 1368170.1)

Satishbabu Gunukula, Oracle ACE


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