Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Restore and Recover OCR from backup (Oracle Cluster Registry)

Step 1: Locate physical the OCR backups using –showbackup command.
#ocrconfig – showbackup

Step 2: Review the contents
#ocrdump –backupfile backup_file_name

Step 3: Stop the Oracle clusterware on all the nodes.
#crsctl stop crs

Step 4: Restore the OCR backup
# ocrconfig –restore $CRS_HOME/cdata/crs/day.ocr
Restore the OCR from export/logical backup.
# ocrconfig –import export_file_name
For ex: - # ocrconfig –import /backup/oracle/exp_ocrbackup.dmp

Step 5: Restart the Clusterware on all nodes.
#crsctl start crs

Step 6: Check the OCR integrity
# cluvfy comp ocr –n all

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Satishbabu Gunukula