Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Backup and Recovery of OCR - Oracle Cluster Registry

Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) file is a key component of the Cluster. It maintains the information about cluster node list, instance to node mapping and application resources profiles such as VIP address, services...Etc.

There are two methods for OCR Backup (Oracle Cluster Registry)

1. Automatically generated OCR files under $CRS_HOME/cdata/crs
2. OCR export/logical backup

The Oracle Clusterware automatically creates OCR backups
-Every four hours: last three copies
-At the End of the Day: last two copies
-At the end of the week: last two copies.

To backup OCR file, copy the generated file from $CRS_HOME/cdata/crs to your backup directory (/backup/oracle).

You must run the backup as “root”.

Run the below command to take OCR export backup.
# ocrconfig -export export_file_name

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Satishbabu Gunukula