Friday, August 14, 2009

ORA-07445 Error

The ORA-07445 is very common error in many versions, but there are different reasons for it.

Here are some reasons for this error:-
1. Software Bugs
2. High RAM Usage.
3. OS Limits
4. Shared pool corruptions due to I/o slaves error (Refer Metalink note:1404681)
5. SGA corruption (Refer Metalink note: 5202899/5736850)
6. Library cache lock by query coordinator (Refer Metalink note: 3271112)
7. Hardware Errors
8.Oracle Block Corruptions
9. Program Errors

Oracle Metalink provided a Look up tool to search ORA-00600/ORA-07445 errors, look for workaround or bugs.

Error: ORA-07445: exception encountered: core dump [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s] [%s]"
Cause: An OS exception occurred which should result in the creation of a core file. This is an internal error.
Action: Contact your customer support representative.

The ORA-07445 has a multitude of causes and contacting Oracle technical support on Metalink is always required.

Satishbabu Gunukula