Friday, September 18, 2009

How to move or replace and repair OCR (Oracle Cluster Registry)

Moving or Replacing Oracle Cluster Registry:
If you are replacing or moving an OCR/OCR MIRROR make sure that other OCR file is ONLINE and also clusterware is running on the node that you are performing the replace operation.

Please note that the OCR that you are replacing or moving can be either online or offline.

Run the below command to move or replace OCR
#ocrconfig -replace ocr
For ex:- ocrconfig -replace ocr /dev/raw/raw5

Run the below command to move or replace OCR MIRROR.

#ocrconfig -replace ocrmirror
For ex: - ocrconfig -replace ocr /dev/raw/raw6

Repairing Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) Configuration:
You may need to repair an OCR configuration, if your OCR configuration changes ran (adding/removing/replacing OCR/OCR mirror) while the node is shutdown.

Make sure you run the command on the node which you have shutdown and you cannot perform this operation while oracle clusterware is running.

Run the below command to repair
# ocrconfig –repair ocrmirror device_name
for ex:- ocrconfig –repair ocrmirror /dev/raw/raw1

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Satishbabu Gunukula


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