Thursday, September 3, 2009

ORA-29740: evicted by member 0, group incarnation

I have seen RAC node eviction error in common on RAC Databases running on Oracle 10g R2 ( Here is the details explanation and solution.

Node Eviction in RAC causes the Instance hang or restart.
Check for Possible Error messages in “Database/ASM” alert.log and trace files.

IPC Send timeout detected.Sender: ospid 25102
Receiver: inst 2 binc 860622349 ospid 12543
IPC Send timeout to 1.2 inc 10 for msg type 36 from opid 44
Communications reconfiguration: instance_number 2
Trace dumping is performing id=[cdmp_20090819220537]
Waiting for clusterware split-brain resolution
Errors in file /oracle/10201/admin/testdb/bdump/testdb_lmon_3433.trc:
ORA-29740: evicted by member 0, group incarnation 12
LMON: terminating instance due to error 29740

Trace file generated for ospid 25102 (1st line in alert.log):
(13190 <- 30904)SKGXPDOAINVALCON: connection 0x2a9754b730 scoono 0x15694aec acconn 0x399413e2 getting closed. inactive: threshold: 0x4bff6 (13190 <- 30904)SKGXPDOAINVALCON: WARN: potential problem in keep alive connection protocol LMON Trace file:
GES IPC: Receivers 3 Senders 3
GES IPC: Buffers Receive 1000 Send (i:1050 b:1050) Reserve 301
kjxgmrcfg: Reconfiguration started, reason 1
kjxgmcs: Setting state to 0 0.
kjxgrrcfgchk: Initiating reconfig, reason 3
kjxgmrcfg: Reconfiguration started, reason 3
kjxgrrecp2: Waiting for split-brain resolution, upd 0, seq 12

If you find these symptoms then you are hitting a bug 4631662.

Cause: Due to Bug 4631662, you will see instance evictions caused by network timeouts. This bug is caused by a failure in "ach reaping", "ach reaping" reduces the packet size being sent to a receiver.
1. Upgrade database to, this feature is disabled in
2. Modify the below parameter to disable the feature.

Run the below command if you are using spfile.
SQL> alter system set "_skgxp_udp_ach_reaping_time"=0 sid='*';

If you are using pfile add the below line to ini.ora parameter
*._skgxp_udp_ach_reaping_time = 0

ASM: Add the following lines to init.ora parameter.
*._disable_instance_params_check = TRUE
*._skgxp_udp_ach_reaping_time = 0

Click here to see the instructions to create pfile or spfile and apply the changes.

Satishbabu Gunukula


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