Thursday, November 12, 2009

Oracle ODBC, OCI, OCCI Drivers, Downloads and Documentation

Oracle ODBC(Open Database Connectivity):
The Oracle ODBC Driver provides access to Oracle databases for applications written using the ODBC interface. With ODBC you can access the Oracle database using .NET, applications from any .NET programming language.

Download Oracle ODBC Driver

Oracle ODBC Documentation

Please see the Oracle ODBC Driver discussion forum for any questions/issues.

Oracle Call Interface(OCI):
The Oracle Call Interfaces (OCI) is a set of low-level APIs (Application Programming Interface Calls) used to interact with the Oracle Database. It allows one to use operations like logon, execute, parse, fetch, etc.

Download Oracle Call Interface (OCI)

Please see the below link for OCI documentation

Please see the OCI (Oracle Call Interface) Discussion forum for any questions/issues

Oracle C++ Call Interface:
Oracle C++ Call Interface (OCCI) is a high-performance and comprehensive API to access the Oracle database and used for client-server, middle-tier, and complex object modeling applications.

Download OCCI for Linux/Windows

Please see the below link for documentation

Please see the C++ Call Interface (OCCI) Discussion forum for any questions/issues.

Satishbabu Gunukula